Never Leave a Passenger Trapped in Your Vehicle

It is critically important that you do not leave a passenger stranded in your vehicle, for any amount of time. Even if you only intend to be absent from the vehicle for 1-5 minutes, it is much, much safer to just bring your passenger with you, or drop them off with a caregiver or at home while you run errands, go to work, etc…
Whether your passenger is a child, disabled or elderly adult, or a family pet; we know that their wellbeing is important to you and it is important to us as well. This is why we are working to increase awareness of the dangers presented by vehicle trapping and the use of safety alert systems in vehicles.

Why is it Risky to Leave a Passenger in Your Car for Just a Few Minutes?

Leaving a pet or person in the car that in unable to care for themselves fully is not only unwise, it is negligent and unfair to your passenger. If you are too busy to take your passenger in to your destination location with you, you should either drop them off at home or with someone who can care for them in your absence and ensure their safety.
Leaving a passenger trapped in the car can lead to heat stroke, automobile accidents, property damage, serious injuries, suffocation, or even fatalities. Every year dozens of people die from circumstances relating to being trapped within a vehicle. The vast majority of these cases are a result of heat stroke.

How Vesta Can Help Remind You to Keep Passengers Safe

Vesta is dedicated to helping you keep your passengers safe from the heat. Our safety alert system is designed to monitor the interior of your car, truck, or other vehicle for increases in temperature and/or CO2. These increases could potentially indicate the presence of a trapped passenger in an unattended vehicle.
When Vesta recognizes this potential situation, it is programmed to then send a text message alert to you and your other selected recipients reminding you that there may be a passenger in danger in your vehicle. It is a simple product that works very well and has the potential to save a life.