What is Vesta and How Can it Help Prevent Passengers from Becoming Trapped?

Vesta is a safety alert system that we have developed in an effort to cut down on the number of trapping injuries and fatalities that occur in vehicles. Every year vehicular trapping claims dozens of lives, and increased educational and awareness efforts do not seem to be having the dramatic effect that was hoped for initially. While people are more aware, they are still unable to remember things unconditionally because that just isn’t how the brain functions. The Vesta alert system could potentially save the lives of your passengers.

What Vesta Monitors& How It Alerts You

Vesta combines two different monitoring systems in order to detect, a) whether or not there is an occupant within your vehicle, and b) if the internal temperature of your vehicle has reached an unsafe heat for a passenger. Essentially it monitors for temperature and CO2 emissions. Once the Vesta recognizes a potentially dangerous or harmful situation for a passenger, it is programmed to send a text message alert to warn you that there is a passenger in the way of harm.

How it is Powered

The Vesta is powered in two ways, giving you twice the range of protection. It can run off of battery power, or solar power. The average day provides enough solar power to run the device for several hours. This technology is also great because it makes the device incredibly eco-friendly, something which is very important to our company.

Works with Any Vehicle

One of the best features of the Vesta is that it does not require any fancy, new hardware or interface to work with. You don’t need a newer model car to use Vesta because the device doesn’t plug in or need to connect via WiFi or Bluetooth. You don’t even need a Smartphone, in fact. Just a basic, regular cellphone that receives text messages will do just fine.