Are Your Passengers Protected Against Becoming Trapped?

Are you aware of how dangerous it can be for a passenger to become trapped in your vehicle, even for a short period of time? The answer is very, very dangerous. You might be wondering how people even get into such a situation, but if you are you’re looking at it all wrong. Think about infants, toddlers, pets, elderly, and differently-abled individuals. All of these groups are also at risk for becoming trapped within the deadly confines of a car, truck, or other vehicle.
But what can you do to prevent this from happening to anyone in your automobile? Actually, there are a lot of things you can do. Let’s start with the basics.

Do You Lock Your Doors & Trunk While Not Driving?

If you don’t already practice locking your car doors and trunk when you park, you really should start. Leaving your car unlocked welcomes an entire host of ugly possibilities, ranging from unsavory characters crashing in your car for the night to a neighborhood kid jumping in your trunk to hide from a playmate or bully. Either situation could easily turn fatal if the passenger doesn’t exit the vehicle before they run out of air or overheat.

Do You Check Your Backseat Regularly?

This is another very important practice. It only works if you do it every time that you get out of the car, regardless of whether or not you normally transport someone else that is dependent upon you. In fact, if you do not regularly care for a dependent it puts you at a higher risk of forgetting them in the car when you do. So make a habit of opening your back door and peering around briefing before you rush to class, work, dinner, or wherever you may be off too.

Do You Have a Reliable Alert System in Place?

Having a good safety alert system in place is one of the best options available to the modern day caregiver, parent, pet owner, or other concerned party. Our safety alert system, called the Vesta, integrates technology that monitors CO2 in addition to temperatures within your vehicle. When it registers the possibility of a trapped passenger in danger due to increased temperatures and CO2, it can send you a text message alert on your phone.