How to Prevent Trapping Fatalities in Your Vehicle

Trapping fatalities happen far more commonly than you may think. The majority of these fatality cases are children under the age, however other age groups are at risk as well. The national statistics on automobile trapping incidents resulting in death show that there are roughly 40-50 trapping related deaths each year, and continued efforts at education on the matter doesn’t seem to be improving the situation or lowering the number of annual fatalities.
That means that roughly every 9 days a child dies as a result of being trapped in an unattended, parked vehicle. While the number of adults who perish as a result of being trapped in a car are far lower, there is still a very real risk for the elderly, disabled, or infirm. Below is a small compilation of tips to help prevent trapping accidents, injuries, and fatalities from occurring in your car, truck, or other vehicle.

If a Child is Missing Check Close-by Vehicles and Bodies of Water First

Believe it or not, children who go missing (but are not taken or kidnapped) are most commonly found either in or near a body of water, or a vehicle. Why? Because both of these locations offer allure, mystery, and the promise of adventure in the eyes of a child and can be relatively easy for children to gain access to if improperly supervised or left alone.
One of the other main reasons to check the car is because of the potential of the child having been left in the vehicle after a trip at an earlier point in the day. When you check your vehicle for a missing child, make sure that you check all of the storage areas as well, such as the trunk and cargo spaces. Kids are fond of climbing into small, unusual spaces.

Look Before You Lock Up

It’s a good idea to check the back seat of your vehicle for unexpected or forgotten passengers every time that you enter or exit your vehicle. When entering the vehicle, this provides reassurance that no one unexpected is lurking in your car. When exiting the vehicle, this ensures that you will not accidentally leave a person or a furry companion behind.
This doesn’t mean just peer through the window on your way past. Actually stop and open up the back door to take a look inside. Especially if you have a car seat or pet carrier in back. It’s so much better to be safe than sorry, wouldn’t you agree?

Always, Always Lock Your Doors and Trunk When Parking

Whether you have any dependents of your own or not, it is very important to make sure that your vehicle is locked at all times that it is not in use, and that your keys are somewhere secure. Even if there are no children in your home, what’s to stop a curious or adventurous young kid from climbing into your backseat or trunk during a vigorous game of hide and seek or tag? Or perhaps a vagrant wandering through the area sees that your car is unlocked and decides it is a good place to rest. The possibilities for accidental trapping are virtually limitless.

Invest in an Alert System Such as Vesta

Barring all other methods and habits, you should get a backup alert system for your vehicle. This will give you a little extra measure of security and allow you a bit more peace of mind. Our device can alert you when there is a passenger in danger of overheating or suffocating. It monitors the interior of your vehicle for increases in CO2 and temperature. If a danger is detected, the system will send you a text message alert. Simple but effective.